Am Mittwoch findet wie gewohnt das Treffen der Hamburger Ruby Usergroup statt.

Bei Metaways ist der Platz ein wenig begrenzt, es gibt maximal 25 Sitzplätze.

Für ein wenig Catering ist auch gesorgt, bitte meldet euch an!


SPDY Is Speedy

Maybe you are already using it without being even aware: SPDY is a new networking protocol on top of SSL, designed to make your web pages faster with SSL than they'd be without. I'll talk about what problems SPDY solves, how it does that, and how you can take advantage of its features.

From Rails to the single page app

Single page apps are all the rage - apps that use MVC JavaScript frameworks and a simple REST based API on the server side (if at all) to persists data are popping up all over the place and are especially popular as a relatively simple way of developing responsive and highly interactive mobile web applications. Enough of the buzzword bingo. Building single page apps comes with a whole new set of problems that are to solve: JS side templating and where to store the templates, how to create apps that are both working as single page apps and are indexable by the mighty google bot. Also: Testing, security, etc. This talk summarizes reasons for and agains building a single page app and tops it off with deeper looks into technical aspects of building a rich client app for the browser.

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