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The boundaries of duck typing and how to properly read Ruby's documentation

A short lesson to A) not rely on undocumented behaviour and B) duck typing fails in spectacular ways in some grey areas of Ruby.

I've learned this lesson the hard way, by debugging someone else's code that behaved pretty erratically from my point of view.

Squashing API Development Bottlenecks -A story of a journey to freedom at XING AG

This is a story about many developers, several codebases building a big product and being represented on the mobile app- the journey to the freedom of contributing code quick and with high quality to big codebases. Imagine a bunch of teams working for several products. All these products are represented on web as well as on one mobile app. Having one central mobile and API team can cause a lot of bottleneck situations and slows down the deployments. So how to scale in API development when you have fast growing teams and topics? How can you resolve the bottleneck situation with a central API and mobile team? Just by adding the the summand of freedom can bring happiness to the equation of many devs +big codebase + freedom = happiness In this talk I would like to share our experiences and ideas about scaling in API development when you have a fast going developer environment and what the summand freedom means.

CouchDB 2.0

CouchDB 2.0 - a whirlwind tour

Im talk stelle ich CouchDB 2.0 und seine neuen Features wie Clustering, Mango, Fauxton und weitere vor. Dauer ca. 30 Minuten.

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