Ruby Usergroup Hamburg - November 2015

gehostet durch Ruby Usergroup Hamburg bei mindmatters (, 11.11.2015 um 19:00

it's November 11th, but strictly no Fasching or Karneval ;-)

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Lightning Talk: Making Games with Pico-8

[pico-8]( is a so-called phantasy console, a game system you can very simply write games in and share them on the web. pico-8 is programmed in Lua and contains tools to create graphics and sound for your game as well. This makes creation incredibly easy and fast and also makes starting very easy as there is a very small API surface to learn.

Whirlwind tour through the HTTP2 spec

The HTTP protocol has come a long way since its first version HTTP V0.9 in 1991 and with the final release of the HTTP2 spec at the beginning of 2015 a whole next chapter of web development is ahead of us! After a quick tour through the protocol history, we will mine the gems from in HTTP/2 spec and see why this is an awesome step for a modern web. What can you already use today? And why today's best practices are tomorrow's antipatterns?

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