Ruby Usergroup Hamburg - Mai 2017

gehostet durch Peter Schröder bei mindmatters (, 10.05.2017 um 19:00

This time we are meeting at MindMatters 🎉 🤘

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Vue.js / JavaScript: The Good Parts

A developer journey:

How Vue.js taught me that a modern JavaScript stack actually makes sense and is fun to work with!

(It's actually not about JavaScript: The Good Parts)

Let Humans Human and Computers Computer - A Tale of Building Useful and Effective Automations

Boring, repetitive tasks are, if we like it or not, part of our daily routine as developers. We can try to automate them away as much as possible, but what exactly makes a good automation? By looking in detail at the grunt work of updating dependencies and how we’re automating it, we’ll see how we can make computers do what they do best and at the same time keep us humans in control.

(I gave this talk at and last month.)

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