Ruby Usergroup Hamburg - Januar 2018

gehostet durch Irina Lindt bei XING (, 10.01.2018 um 19:00

Xing are hosting us for the first meetup of 2018!

Update: slides form the talks are here!

Ruby Hacks by Jan Habermann

How to not create an unbreakable monolith with Rails by Bruno Almeida

Rails engines by Gharbi Mohammed

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How to not create an unbreakable monolith with Rails

In this talk I would like to show some cool Rails features like model callbacks, active record relationships, concerns, and MVC pattern that can make your application into a coupled monolith, hard to test and to get rid of dependencies.

For each case, use simple concepts of Clean Architecture to solve elegantly and decoupled.


Rails engines

When a monolithic Rails app reaches a certain complexity, it becomes hard to understand what each part of code does. In this talk, I'd like to introduce you how to build a large rails app modularized by engines to enforce an internal dependency structure.

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