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The current schedule is as follows:

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Some food 🍽 and drinks 🥛 will be available

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Irina and Jan

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Performance issues ...

I show, how to find performance issues, we did not try to find, while we still didn't solve the ones, we initially wanted to look into. So this is a little bit about perfomance monitoring, N+1 issues and small glimpses into profiling.

Code in Space

Wieso schaffen es Sonden und Roboter im All eigentlich so lange zu arbeiten? Welche Programmiersprachen, welche Methoden und welche Technik steht dahinter? Und welche Herausforderungen hat man zu bewältigen, wenn etwas so richtig lange laufen soll? Davon erzähl ich euch ein bisschen was.

Why do probes and robots in space manage to work for such a long time? What programming languages, methods, and technology are involved? And what challenges need to be overcome when something is meant to run for a really long time? I'll tell you a little bit about that.

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