We are happy to be back. This time we won't hack something but play some code golf (see https://code-golf.io)

Ruby Usergroup Hamburg For everyone who wants to play tonight ruby golf Please checkout this repository https://github.com/rughh/ruby-golf

To see how well you are doing https://rughh-ruby-golf-scoreboard.herokuapp.com

Thanks to sum.cumo for hosting us 🙏

Participantes: (7)

Karsten Senz
Eventos: 36
Temas: 0

Laerti Papa
Eventos: 1
Temas: 0


Jan Zaydowicz
Eventos: 22
Temas: 6

Bente Pieck
Eventos: 14
Temas: 1

Stefan Exner
Eventos: 8
Temas: 2

Judy Umbach
Eventos: 4
Temas: 0

Christoph Bollenbach
Eventos: 6
Temas: 0