Ruby Usergroup Hamburg - August 2016

hosted by Uygar Soenmez by XING (, 10.08.2016 at 19:00

This time we are meeting again at XING headquarters.

Jaap Groeneveld is going to talk about Errors as Returnvalues.

If you would like to propose another talk, get in touch.

Spontaneous contributions are welcome as well!

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Errors as return values

Its important for your application that everyone knows what kind of data is being passed around. Errors are often treated as the ugly stepchild and should be treated like any other kind of data in my opinion. I will talk about this and a proposal how we can do this.

10-20 minutes

Mentoring Program of Refugees on Rails- Reminder Talk

Das Programm wurde im Juni bereits vorgestellt. Dies ist ein Reminder Talk, um mehr Mentoren für das Programm zu gewinnen. Dabei wird das Mentorenprogramm mit den Pflichten und Aufgaben detaillierter vorgestellt.

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