Ruby Usergroup Hamburg - April 2017

gehostet durch Tobias Schwab bei (, 12.04.2017 um 19:00

This time we are meeting at Dynport creators of PhraseApp 🎉 🤘

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Webpacker - Frontend development in Rails 5.1

Webpacker may replace the asset pipeline in the future. I'm going to talk about using webpacker in a rails (5.0) project and it's advantages and disadvantages.

The talk will also shortly explain topics like hmr, tree-shaking and css-modules and how to use these with webpack(er).


PhraseApp on Kubernetes

We finally moved PhraseApp from a DIY docker deployment to kubernetes recently and would like to present how our hosting setup looks like now and tell you why it was by far the best ops decision so far. Also featuring some demo time!

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