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Opposing mass surveillance with easy to use encrypted email and federated hosting

I am currently working on an open source project called Pixelated.

Pixelated aims at making email encryption simple and secure email hosting a satisfactory experience.

While encryption tools can be cumbersome and difficult to learn, Pixelated’s main goal is to offer a seamless user experience (for email users as well as system administrators), a practical response to mass surveillance and an alternative to current centralized email applications.

Pixelated doesn't focus on protecting against targeted surveillance, but when widely adopted will make mass surveillance more difficult and expensive. Pixelated will also re-federate data and communications for groups, companies and agencies running their own email server. 
Pixelated is open source software that values privacy and the right to communicate.

Pixelated's tech stack doesn't contain Ruby (yet ;) ), but is built mainly in Python and flight JS, using puppet recipes to help server side configuration. We are building on and collaborating closely with the open source project LEAP.

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