Hello everyone,

exciting times ahead - we're going for our first remote meetup! You're welcome wherever you're from as long as you adhere to our Code of Conduct - the meetup is in English.

The schedule will be two ~20min talks including Q&A, followed by splitting the audience into smaller groups for virtually hanging out (optional) :) Joining the meetup

Joining the meetup

We are curently in the process of looking at possible solution an will update the event shortly. A solution should be easy to use and scale up well As the needs are similar to you daily work we don't expect to reinved the wheel here and will probably use a solution like zoom, meet or similar.

Please open a issue if you want to host us

Participating in the meetup

  • We'll take Q&A questions. The method will be defined once the video solution is found
  • the "socializing" part is optional, naturally, our aim is to not lose that part of our meetup - we'll try to split you into random groups and give you some ice breaker questions to kick it off


It's the first time we're doing a remote meetup. Your feedback is very welcome. Things will go wrong, we'll try to fix them. See you

Looking forward to see y'all Rubyists from Hamburg and maybe all over the world.

Irina & Jan

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