Ruby Usergroup Hamburg - April 2019

hosteado por Bente Pieck en x-ion (, 10.04.2019 a las 19:00

In April we will be guests at x-ion GmbH in located at "Tanzende Türme" in St. Pauli for the first time!

As our host Bente puts it:

We will clear the developer area, since it's the biggest room. If the average of 19 participants will come, that's enough space. If many more will come, we would get into a problem.

So I added a limit of 25 seats for this event, please RSVP if you would like to participate.


Bente is also planning to give a talk, he has proposed a few topics:

  1. oauth/doorkeeper/PKCE
  2. gitlab ci
  3. chef/testkitchen

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What we have learned migrating from physical managed servers to AWS

Without a huge background on DevOps, we @ EventInc managed to successfully migrate from physical managed servers to AWS with our Rails Application.

I don't want to talk about how we did the migration but get more into what we have learned during this process. The tools we choose to use, decisions that we have made (and why?), mistakes that happened and what we could've made differently.

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