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Hamburg on Ruby

Puerto de Ruby-Hamburgo

Trabajos de Ruby o Rails en Hamburgo: Senior Software Developer (m/w) para shipcloud (

Creative Commons: How to find and use free high-quality images for your web project (HAM)

este tema será presentado por Study.EU

en Ruby Usergroup Hamburg - Juli 2018, hosteado por Jan Zaydowicz

Great visuals are essential for many web projects. On a tight budget, you can accomplish a lot with photos and images that are available for free under Creative Commons licenses. In this talk, we can explore the following questions:

  • What are Creative Commons (CC) licenses, and which varieties exist?
  • Where can you find images under CC licenses?
  • How do you correctly use and attribute CC images in your web project?
  • In brief: How can you model CC attribution in Rails?

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